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& Stacey Landberg

Just one year after Coach2Coach's exciting launch, I came across these highly affirming words penned by none other than Dana Childress, PhD, in her enlightening book, "Pause & Reflect."

And that's EXACTLY what we did!

Coach2Coach (C2C) was originally introduced in 2020 to address the pressing demand for virtual coaching support among early intervention professionals during the pandemic.


Back then, my typical workshops were selling out, but the challenge of effectively coaching caregivers remained, a task far from straightforward. Recognizing the need to enhance our coaching capacities, it became apparent that one-off workshops would not suffice.


This realization inspired the conception of a professional development community that had long been an aspiration and a missing element within the early intervention landscape.


Coach2Coach was designed to serve as a platform for professionals to connect, acquire knowledge, elevate their skill sets, engage in practical application, and collectively participant in reflection over an extended duration, thereby sustaining and strengthening our commitment to children and families.


In 2024, Coach2Coach embarks on its FIFTH season!


This was all made possible, due to early support from the Infant Development Association of CA (IDA).  


A portion of our proceeds are donated to IDA on an annual basis. 

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Stacey Landberg

Founder of  Coach2Coach

Meet Stacey Landberg, the driving force behind Coach2Coach. With 19 years of professional experience, Stacey is a seasoned early intervention speech-language pathologist, a passionate mom, and a well-known international speaker.

Stacey's journey has revolved around the world of early intervention, primarily in Los Angeles, CA. She doesn't just keep her knowledge and passion to herself—Stacey collaborates with respected researchers to share top-notch family-centered early intervention practices with families, students, and peer professionals. Since 2015, Stacey has been a go-to trainer for early intervention pros, agencies, and regional centers. Topics on her menu include coaching, routines-based intervention, neurodiversity-affirming practices, and navigating screen time.

In 2022, Stacey added "university lecturer" to her list of accomplishments at California State East Bay, where she imparts her valuable insights to speech-language pathology graduate students, focusing on early intervention best practices.

Coach2Coach took flight in August 2020, thanks to a proud partnership with the Infant Development Association of California. This partnership was born to assist early intervention pros in transitioning to virtual coaching—and C2C remains relevant ongoing for coaching caregivers in both 2D and 3D.

Stacey's mentor and guide since 2004 has been Dr. Juliann Woods, the brain behind Family Guided Routines-Based Intervention (FGRBI). Her wisdom has been a guiding light since. In 2022, Stacey joined forces with Florida State University to train early intervention providers in Indiana, making sure FGRBI is used by providers with fidelity.

One of Stacey's career highlights is her 2019 graduation from the LEND Fellowship at the University of Southern California/Children's Hospital Los Angeles (USC/CHLA). During this 300-hour post-grad fellowship, Stacey worked on a project focused on trauma-informed practices for infants and toddlers. She played a significant role in California's initiative to screen the social-emotional development of all infants and toddlers during pediatric well-check visits.

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