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& Stacey Landberg

One year after Coach2Coach first launched, I read these validating words from Dana Childress, PhD, in her book: Pause & Reflect 

And that's EXACTLY what we did!


Coach2Coach (C2C) was initially launched in 2020 to meet early intervention professionals' immediate need for support with virtual coaching (due to the pandemic).


At that time, my usual workshops  were selling out, but people were still struggling to coach caregivers effectively (because it's not easy!).  I recognized a need for us to seriously increase our self-efficacy for coaching caregivers (which was beyond the capacity of a single workshop).


That's when I decided to create the professional development community that I've always wanted & what I felt was missing from the early intervention space.


This would be a place where colleagues could connect, learn, augment their skills, practice, and reflect - TOGETHER, OVER TIME. 


In 2023, Coach2Coach embarks on its FOURTH season!


This was all made possible, due to early support from the Infant Development Association of CA (IDA).  


A portion of our proceeds are donated to IDA on an annual basis. 

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Stacey Landberg, MS, CCC-SLP

Founder of  Coach2Coach

Coach2Coach is owned by Stacey Landberg, M.S., CCC-SLP.  Stacey is a thought-leader, an early intervention speech-language pathologist, a mother, and an international guest speaker. She has 18 years of professional experience and has specifically spent 17 years doing early intervention home-visiting across Los Angeles, CA. 

Stacey collaborates with researchers in order to disseminate best evidence related to family-centered EI practices. Stacey has trained EI professionals, agencies, regional centers, etc. on early intervention topics (e.g. coaching, RBI, autism, screen-time) since 2015.

In 2022, Stacey became a part-time university lecturer at CA University East Bay, teaching  SLP graduate students about Early Intervention Best Practices. 

In August 2020, Coach2Coach was born through a proud partnership with the Infant Development Association of CA in order to urgently support early intervention professionals with their transition to virtual coaching. The need continues as we (home-visitors) continually strive to sustain our skills and increase our confidence for supporting families through routines based intervention and caregiver coaching. 

Stacey’s mentor, since 2004, is Juliann Woods, PhD, CCC-SLP.  Dr. Woods is the researcher, creator, and icon behind Family Guided Routines Based Intervention (FGRBI). Please visit her website for more information and free resources. Stacey has had the great joy of learning from Dr. Woods directly since 2002 (first at Florida State University, again in Illinois, and also in New Mexico). In 2022, Stacey contracted with Florida State University on a project to train early intervention providers in Indiana to effectively implement FGRBI. 

Lastly, Stacey is a 2019 LEND Fellowship Graduate (USC/CHLA, Los Angeles). During this 300 hour post-graduate fellowship, Stacey worked on a policy project related to trauma-informed practices. She was on an interdisciplinary team responsible for California's statewide initiative to screen all infants' and toddlers' social emotional development during pediatric well-check visits. 

We're in the business of identifying your strengths & helping you build from them

(So that you can help caregivers do the same). 

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