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Partcipants' Feedback


"Stacey is building a wonderful, supportive, inclusive community of coaches through this programming. I felt like I received highly personalized feedback and guidance."

- Lisa K.

"I am so very impressed with the amazing support, learning, and community that this group provides its members. I learned so much in just one session. It’s invaluable to my work for young children!" 
-Brenna R. 

"I absolutely love every single one of these C2C meetings. I think it’s something we have all been wanting forever. I have attended hundreds of conferences and hardly any of them talk about how to actually work with children/families." 

-Angie R. 

"Honestly, I don't think I would still be doing it (coaching), if it wasn't for the (C2C) community...I plan my whole month around the days that I can join Coach2Coach."

-Rebecca C.

"You’re shaping our field in such right ways...All so digestible, and learnable, improving our practice in so many possible ways. This is no small feat, and what an impact! So glad to have found your work!"

-Dawn S. 

"DO IT! We all started somewhere and this is a safe space to learn and grow. No one criticizes you, all the feedback is helpful & positive." 

-Kerry W.

Coach2Coach 2024 Enrollment Benefits:

1. Unlimited access to both live sessions and on-demand recordings of 9 new C2C trainings from February 2024 to December 31, 2024.

2. Open access to our Parent Practice Video Library, showcasing real-life examples of early intervention strategies commonly used by families during home visits. This comprehensive resource includes parent-friendly handouts and materials that explain specific intervention strategies.

3. Open access to Stacey's office hours, providing one hour of discussion and problem-solving each month to address your specific cases and questions.

4. Certification Maintenance Hours (CMH) attendance certificates for your participation in live sessions, as well as downloadable participation certificates after you complete any of the 2024 course recordings.

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Stacey Landberg is an early intervention SLP with more than 18 years of experience doing home-based EI.

In 2020, Stacey initiated Coach2Coach in response to the pressing challenges that early intervention professionals were confronted with during the pandemic.  Initially, she believed this would be a one-time training endeavor, like all the other workshops she had been hosting. However, she soon realized the pressing demand within the early intervention community for continuous education, supported by guidance and a cohesive, interdisciplinary framework founded on strengths-based principles.

Since then, Coach2Coach cohorts have assisted over 1,000 professionals worldwide to elevate their coaching skills, increase their self-efficacy, and provide family-centered support to thousands of caregivers.

Learn more about Stacey and C2C HERE

Increase your confidence and competence for coaching caregivers in early intervention

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