Private Coaching with Stacey

Book to meet 1:1 with Stacey to gain support related to caregiver coaching and routines based intervention. 

What you'll get:

  • One hour with Stacey (privately) via zoom
  • Individualized support and problem solving to increase your confidence
  • A strengths-based perspective to scaffold your skills from

Stacey will email you to schedule within 72 hours after you've booked. You can also email directly: [email protected] 

What People Are Saying:

I gained a better understanding of the coaching tools I'm already using, as well as an understanding of how to better use additional coaching strategies. I also have more ideas about how to draw more routines into the therapy sessions and also how not to overload parents with too many strategies.

Deanne W.

Stacey is so supportive of what is going well and asks leading questions to allow you to self reflect. This process is the very BEST way to make changes in ourselves. Being able to look back at a recorded session and talk through what you saw with an expert was so powerful.

Ann S. (SLP)

$125.00 USD