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Adult Learning Principles & Principles of Motor Learning

Elevate Your Expertise: Calling all dedicated SLPs focused on transforming the lives of young children (ages birth to 7) dealing with motor-speech challenges, including childhood apraxia of speech (CAS).  

This intermediate-level course is 1.0 hour long and tailored to those with a foundational understanding of Principles of Motor Learning. This course includes several video examples and valuable resources to help you coach and educate caregivers for effective home practice.

This exclusive content was originally captured for the 2023 Apraxia-Kids Convention and developed based on high-demand from SLPs in our Coach2Coach audience. Includes 24/7 access for 1 year from the date of purchase. 

What People Are Saying:

What a fantastic session! I appreciated the video examples, handouts, and instruction to best support the parent & professional relationship and improve the carryover of home program in daily routines.

Very engaging speaker and love the worksheet set up for home practice. This was a good review of adult learning principles and how they intersect with motor learning principles. Functional info that I can use tomorrow.

This was an extremely useful overview - with great repetition and explicit breakdowns - of how to approach parent coaching and supporting parent-led home practice! I will be using this immediately in my next sessions with parents.

This topic was very helpful in being thoughtful and intentional in how information is presented to parents and how to teach them to work on specific skills at home.

This has been my favorite course so far!

The discussion the the Human Behavior: System 1 and System 2 and applying it to training parents/ caregivers on specific tasks was excellent.

Thank you for sharing your expertise regarding adult learning principles and how this connects to motor learning principles. I'm looking forward to using your 'learning preferences survey for caregivers' in upcoming sessions.

Loved this session. A significant portion of my caseload is birth to three. I found the suggestions and information provided here very helpful. I’m always looking for new ways to coach parents and get them more involved. I feel like I can really use the knowledge I gained through this course!

I loved this presentation! It was simple and straightforward and really gave me some ways I can improve my caregiver participation and learning in my sessions. Thank you!

I love how engaging the presentation was. There were so many great nuggets that I can implement right away with my families and share with my grad students.

I enjoyed this presentation. It gave me a new perspective on the learning that the adults must do to support their apraxia stars. Thank you.

Great info for parent coaching, which I often find intimidating, especially when parents want us to “fix” the problem. Will definitely use these resources and strategies. Thank you!

Excellent session with good ideas and better suggestions on working with CAS children and their families. Thank for the great resources, very helpful.